Since 2010, incidents of medical ID theft have nearly doubled, according to recent research from the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance. In addition, “While the average cost per victim went down, the number of victims having to encounter out-of-pocket costs doubled,” […]

Eight Indicted for Using Stolen Patient Info to Make Purchases. Eight alleged members of an identity theft ring, including a former assistant clerk at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, have been indicted on a variety of charges stemming from […]

“We do see healthcare organizations and health plans making moves.” The lion’s share of medical identity theft victims can expect to pay upwards of $13,500 to resolve the crime. What’s more, about 50 percent of consumers say they would find […]

Which industry suffers the most data breaches each year? Retail, maybe? Or banking and finance? In fact, for the past several years the answer has been the healthcare industry—and that has meant a dramatic rise in medical identity theft. According […]

Medical identity theft victim doctor found hundreds of fraudulent prescriptions were filled using her prescriber ID. Last year, Dr. Cheryl White learned that her credentials had been swiped by pill mill operators who forged hundreds of prescriptions, using fake addresses […]

Drugstore Incidents in Baltimore Offer Lessons. Retail pharmacy chain Rite Aid on June 3 issued a statement to notify the media that an undisclosed number of customers of several of its Baltimore area stores were potentially affected by breaches of […]

Some big surprises from a recent security study. The Fifth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data by Ponemon Institute had more surprises than Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates – surprises that were far from palatable. One […]

Although recently proposed bills being considered by Congress and policy proposals from the Obama administration that take aim at cybersecurity are not specifically aimed health care, they do touch on the industry. ‘Year of the Health Care Data Breach’ A […]

Personal medical information, prescriptions stolen from Rite Aid stores in Baltimore during April looting. As looted prescription drugs flood Baltimore streets, fueling a surge in violence, pharmacy chain Rite Aid warned customers Wednesday that their personal medical information could be […]

Should we improve Internet security before putting more secure stuff on the Internet? Since last summer, four major medical-themed hackings have been discovered somewhere in America, in addition to the seemingly endless stream of new retail and bureaucratic hackings reported […]