Participation in MIFA activities offers:

  • Collaboration with industry peers on challenging issues in fraud reduction, information and data security, privacy and compliance
  • Networking with fraud, risk management and information technology professionals
  • Professional development opportunities

Working Groups

MIFA Working Groups and projects are responsible for the creation and execution of deliverables, such as best practices, guidelines, white papers, research and surveys. Member and Partner organizations may have an unlimited number of people participate on any project and/or group. All MIFA committees, groups and projects are conducted in a closed, member-only “community of trust” environment.

Best Practices, Research & Benchmarking
This group develops guidelines, best practices, briefing papers and research, covering topics such as building and implementing a medical ID theft prevention program, identifying medical ID theft red flags, collaborating with law enforcement and fraud mitigation. Members will also facilitate research and benchmarking, working to improve the identification of fraud trends and sharing of information throughout industry stakeholders. Research includes identifying the scope of medical ID theft and fraud, consumer attitudes, defining an individual’s “medical identity” and exploring parameters regarding the definition of medical identity theft and fraud.
Typical participants: Risk managers, SIU/fraud, information security, privacy, compliance
Meets via teleconference on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 2-3pm ET

Education & Awareness
The E&A group works to raise awareness about medical identity theft and educate all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. Deliverables include both industry and consumer-facing documents, such as in-house training materials for healthcare companies, and awareness materials for consumers. Members may share best practices and lessons-learned about their own education and awareness efforts. The group discusses and learns from leading-edge industry processes and technologies that help mitigate medical ID theft and fraud. Topics may include the evolution of patient authentication technologies at the point-of-service and payment, and the enrollment process.
Typical participants: SIU/fraud, information security, privacy, compliance, human resource, communications/marketing.
Meets via teleconference on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 2-3pm ET

Legal and Regulatory Working Group
The Leg/Reg group focuses on better understanding the impact of healthcare laws and regulations upon the issue of medical identity fraud. Members work toward opening a line of communication with policy makers and the regulatory community, and to begin a dialog to further awareness of medical identity fraud within the federal and state governments. Deliverables include policy and position papers on leading issues such as MLR, privacy, data security and safe harbors for information sharing.
Typical participants: Legal/counsel, compliance officers, privacy officers
Meets via teleconference on the 4th Fridays, 2-3pm ET

Member Forums
In addition to content shared within each working group, MIFA holds regular “forums” for members and invited guests to hear presentations and discussions on leading-edge topics. Forums cover a variety of hot topics related to medical identity fraud and are often in a webinar format, typically on a monthly schedule. All MIFA Members and Strategic Partners are welcome to join the Forums. Members and Partners should contact Ann Patterson, [email protected], to be added to the Forum notification distribution group.

To learn more about MIFA or to join a group, please contact Ann Patterson, SVP and Program Director, at [email protected].