The MIFA Board of Directors is responsible for driving the strategic vision and providing effective oversight to the direction and growth of MIFA. Board seats are held for three years. Key responsibilities include:

  • To establish, on an annual basis, Board goals and objectives and to ensure the effective and efficient direction of the Board.
  • To establish and review the mission, objectives and strategic plan of MIFA in order to meet the needs of the MIFA Membership.
  • Identify issues and trends for MIFA to examine and prioritize issues for MIFA to address.
  • Promote MIFA with other external programs to reinforce the collaborative values and benefits of MIFA.
  • Responsible for the policy decisions and ensuring appropriate staff and structures are in place to carry out the policy and daily operations of MIFA.



The MIFA Membership Council is comprised of the primary representative from each member’s organization. Council responsibilities will include electing the MIFA Board and representation at an Annual Meeting.

MIFA Working Groups are responsible for the creation and execution of deliverables, such as best practices, guidelines, white papers, research and surveys, and education and awareness programs. All MIFA committees, groups and projects are conducted in a closed, member-only “community of trust” environment.

  • Best Practices, Benchmarking and Research
  • Education & Awareness
  • Legal & Regulatory
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