Although recently proposed bills being considered by Congress and policy proposals from the Obama administration that take aim at cybersecurity are not specifically aimed health care, they do touch on the industry. ‘Year of the Health Care Data Breach’ A […]

Personal medical information, prescriptions stolen from Rite Aid stores in Baltimore during April looting. As looted prescription drugs flood Baltimore streets, fueling a surge in violence, pharmacy chain Rite Aid warned customers Wednesday that their personal medical information could be […]

Should we improve Internet security before putting more secure stuff on the Internet? Since last summer, four major medical-themed hackings have been discovered somewhere in America, in addition to the seemingly endless stream of new retail and bureaucratic hackings reported […]

Medical ID theft is the most dangerous kind of all, both for individual victims and the country as a whole. Here’s a bit of bad news that’s guaranteed to get worse: Since the start of 2015, three major health insurance […]

Medical ID theft is on the rise…and can happen to anyone. In this episode of FraudFeed, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud brings you the story of one consumer’s ordeal to get his identity back…and provides information you need to fight […]

It can harm your financial and physical health. Hackers, more and more, are targeting health care information. Medical identity thefts were up more than 20 percent between 2013 and 2014, according to the Ponemon Institute, which studies privacy, data protection, […]

Don’t let hackers get hold of your health information. A lot of good minds are trying to figure out how to make health information more secure. But it’s complicated, in part because there are advantages to not locking up medical […]

Cyber crooks have developed an unhealthy interest in your medical records, and the prognosis isn’t good. According to an annual study on the privacy and security of healthcare data, the leading cause of medical data breaches is now deliberate attacks […]

If a thief steals your credit card information, you make one call to the credit card company and they block any more purchases and they send you a new card. But, if someone steals your medical identity number—it’s a much […]

A potentially dangerous new form of identity theft is growing at a rapid pace. At least half of the perpetrators are people the victims know and maybe even love. The Ponemon Institute report shows medical identity theft cases in the […]

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