One type of ID theft that isn’t as widespread as recent headline-grabbing data breaches — but can be just as devastating to the individual consumer — is medical ID theft. As consumers, we have learned to try to protect ourselves […]

CareFirst, Inc. is facing a proposed class-action lawsuit over the data breach it disclosed in May, with one current member and one former member leading the charge in the complaint filed Aug. 6 with the U.S. District Court of Maryland. […]

Christine Carpenter was surprised, to say the least, when she received a bill from Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health in July for treatment of a heroin overdose. The 37-year-old Reading resident owes nearly $700 in out-of-pocket for the May 26 […]

An estimated 2.3 million adults were affected by medical identity theft last year. Some hospitals are turning to new technology such as biometric screening to confirm patient identities. Click here to watch the video. Click here to read the related […]

Thieves use stolen personal data to get treatment, drugs, medical equipment. Kathleen Meiners was puzzled when a note arrived last year thanking her son Bill for visiting Centerpoint Medical Center in Independence, Mo. Soon, bills arrived from the hospital for […]

Review doctor and health insurer notices to preempt the problem. The Problem A crook uses health insurance information to get medical care and prescription drugs in your name. Medical ID theft is hazardous not only to your finances—in the form […]

The data potentially exposed includes names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, user names, hashed passwords, security questions and answers, email addresses, birthdates, Social Security numbers, lab results, health insurance policy information, diagnoses, disability codes, doctors’ names, medical conditions, and spouses’ and […]

Plaintiff seeks class action status on behalf of “several millions” of victims. On July 17, 2015, UCLA Health admitted it was the latest American healthcare system to be hit by a massive data breach, this one compromising the medical records […]

Assessing Whether Others Will Be Influenced by BCBS Offer. Blue Cross Blue Shield plans’ groundbreaking offer, in the wake of mega-breaches, of extended ID protection to all of the more than 106 million individuals covered by their insurance could set […]

Credit and ID Fraud Protection Offer Comes After Mega Breaches. In the wake of large hacking attacks against several of its affiliates in recent months, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association says all 36 of its affiliated health plans will […]