Membership in the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance (MIFA) is available to the following entities:

  • Health Plan Providers: includes health insurers, managed care organizations, self-insured/self administered organizations, third-party administrators and other similar organizations.
  • Healthcare Providers: includes organizations that furnish, or are paid for healthcare related services in the normal course of business.
  • Healthcare Support Services Providers: includes “Business Associates” and organizations that are primarily involved in providing support services to Health Plans or Healthcare Providers.
  • Technology Service Providers: includes organizations that provide technology or services that assist organizations in maintaining the privacy and security of information and mitigating the impact of disclosures of information.
  • Professional Services Providers: includes individuals and organizations that provide professional services such as legal, accounting and consulting services.

To apply for Membership, please complete the MIFA Membership Application and return it to [email protected]

Member Dues

Annual dues are based on the organizations market capital (if publicly traded) or net revenue (if privately held).

Market Capitol or Net Revenue Annual Dues
$50B+ $20,000
$10B – $49.99B $15,000
$500M – $9.99B $10,000
$100M – $499.99M $5,000
Under $100M $2,500
MIFA Membership Application


Strategic Partnership in the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance (MIFA) is available by invitation only to the following entities:

  • Government Agencies: including both state and federal law enforcement, regulatory and those policy and administrative agencies responsible for healthcare related issues.
  • Consumer Organizations: advocating on behalf of consumers.
  • Academia: including institutions of higher learning.
  • Research: Including organizations responsible for benchmarking and research activities.
  • Industry Associations: including those focused on issues associated with the healthcare, information technology, privacy, risk management and fraud reduction.

You are not eligible for Strategic Partnership if you are a healthcare provider, sell healthcare services, technology service provider or product vendor.

To apply for Strategic Partnership, please complete the MIFA Strategic Partner Application and return it to [email protected]

Strategic Partner Eligibility


To be eligible to become a Strategic Partner, organizations must be a public or nonprofit organization willing to provide, in lieu of a fee to participate, expertise and resources necessary to support the MIFA mission.

Strategic Partner Application