Millions of people are affected by identity theft each year. It might start with a mysterious credit card charge, a bill you don’t recognize, or a letter from the IRS that says you already got your refund — even though you didn’t.

If someone uses your information to make purchases, open new accounts, or get a tax refund, that’s identity theft. Recovering from identity theft often takes time and persistence. New features at make it easier to report and recover from identity theft.

When you use to report a problem, you’ll get a personal recovery plan that:

  • walks you through each recovery step
  • tracks your progress and adapts to your changing situation
  • pre-fills letters and forms for you.

Check out this new video to see how it works.

No matter what your specific identity theft situation is, can help. The website has information — and recovery plans — for more than 30 types of identity theft, including child identity theft and tax-related identity theft. is also available in Spanish at

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January 28, 2016 By Nicole Fleming, Federal Trade Commission

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