The cyberattack against Anthem is yet another stark reminder of the persistent threats American businesses and consumers face in the digital age.

While attacks on retailers such as Target, the Home Depot and Neiman Marcus already provide grounds for concern, the Anthem attack is disturbing because it presents the most high-profile example of a “new norm” in cybercrime — the theft of medical identity records. These attacks are especially disturbing because medical records contain highly sensitive information about individual Americans.

While 80 million people may have been affected by this breach alone, the Anthem attack is a microcosm of the much larger problem facing the health care service sector. Cybercriminals are as committed as ever to placing the livelihood of American families, workers and businesses in jeopardy for personal gain or for pure pleasure. So what can we do to stop these criminals in their tracks before they cause irreparable harm to our jobs, personal information, and safety?

  • Government must play a role to increase information sharing for cyber threats between public and private sectors.
  • More advance research and development in cybersecurity is needed, with support from tax credits, long-term investments and funding initiatives.
  • Promote initiatives, legislation and funding streams that help law enforcement.

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February 12, 2015 by Robin Kelly, Roll Call