Protecting Against Medical ID Theft.

We often hear stories about financial identity theft. However, your medical information is also at risk. And, a new report a new report suggests not enough is being done to protect patient’s medical data.

Medical data is more valuable than most of us realize – stolen credit cards will sell for just a few dollars on the black market, but electronic health records can go for as much as $50 each!

Unlike financial ID theft, medical identity theft victims are often left paying the bills. It can take years to clear up, and some patients never get life back to normal.

Doctor Bryan Laskin, a patient privacy expert, talks about ways to protect you and your family.

1. Safeguard Information
2. Engage the Shredder
3. Talk to Your Provider
4. Stay Vigilant
5. Take action

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December 16, 2015 By KARE-TV 11 NBC, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN